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  • Is the power on to the unit?

    The electrical connection may have been lost - the plug may have been accidentally knocked out, for example.

    Is the pilot light burning?

    Perhaps a strong wind has blown out the pilot light, or there's been an interruption to the gas supply? The pilot light may need to be re-lit.

    Is the wall control set to the correct mode?

    For example, with the Networker control, an interruption to the power supply may cause the control box to switch from Manual to Auto mode, or vice versa.

    Is there an Error Code on the wall control?

    Not every model will show an error code, but if it does, please let me know when you're booking your service call. This helps me diagnose the problem and, where possible, ensure I have any parts needed.

    Is the Pump/Cool function turned on?

    If your evap cooler is blowing warm air, check that the Pump/Cool function is turned on.

    What if parts are required?

    I carry the basic, commonly-required parts to repair your ducted heater or evaporative cooler during the first visit. However, if a non-standard part is required, I'll order the part and arrange to return to complete the work as soon as possible.

  • What My Clients Say...

    "... and I'll phone Colin again because he went out of his way to solve the problem that the other technician couldn't."
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